How do you like to see Channing Tatum?

As the dancing wonder-man in Step Up? Or, the action hero in the G.I. Joe series? Does his romantic avatar in The Vow get you excited? Or do you like him no-holds-barred, stripper style in Magic Mike

Whatever may be your preference, there’s something for everyone on the Channing Tatum menu!

Having modeled his way (literally!) to films, this former professional stripper is not just a massive movie star and film producer but also, a devoted family man. And he looks absolutely smashing in all his avatars. 

So, what’s the Channing Tatum appeal all about? We’ve done an analysis and the results are pretty drool-worthy!

1. That chiseled physique surely adds to his appeal!


2. As a dog-lover, he’s surely won brownie points. 

On a side note, can we be that dog, please? 

The Place2

3. Because he’s just as gorgeous dressed up…

Fan Pop

4. As he is dressed down!

Ali Express

5. Those dancing skills don’t hurt either.


6. But when he strips on stage… 


7. It’s a sight to remember! 


8. His love for his wife only adds to his charm.


9. He doesn’t even know how hot he is! 

Journey Down The Scale

10. Try ignoring that stare!

Kanye To The

11. Because perfection is a synonym for Channing Tatum.

Wallpaper Safari

12. Clearly, he’s full of energy.

Vanity Fair

13. We like him all serious, too!


14. What’s hotter than Channing Tatum? Channing with a bike!


15. THAT face!


Stay just as fabulous as you are, Channing Tatum. Or, get even better!