Prime Video’s latest release Jai Bhim starring Suriya in the lead role has received rave reviews from critics and audience. The film is based on a real-life case fought by former Advocate and Madras High Court judge Chandru in 1993. It also showcases the ground reality of the prevalent caste system in our society.

The case involved the death of a tribal man, who was falsely framed for theft, in police custody and the torture that led to his death. It was one of the longest running cases in the history of Madras High Court.

Since it’s based on a real-life case, here’s looking at the reel characters and their real-life counterparts.

1. Advocate (retired as Justice) K Chandru

Suriya who plays the lead has won accolades for his brilliant performance as Advocate Chandru. He has nailed the character of Advocate Chandru be it his empathy towards the tribals or fighting for them in the courtroom.

2. Parvathy

Rajakannu’s wife Parvathy, played by Lijomol Jose, fought for justice until the end. Advocate Chandru filed a habeas corpus petition on behalf of Parvathy (called Sengani in Jai Bhim). She continues to live in a hut.

3. Advocate General R. Krishnamoorthi

Rao Ramesh, one of the most popular names in Telugu cinema, played the character of then Advocate General of Tamil Nadu R. Krishnamoorthi. He has showcased his talent by delivering heavyduty dialogues in Tamil in the courtroom sequences.

4. Thiru. B.Perumalswamy

The highly acclaimed Prakash Raj played the role of IG Thiru. B.Perumalswamy. He was entrusted the job to investigate if the petitioner’s apprehension, that her husband Rajakannu died in police custody, was true or not.

5. Hon’ble Judges: P.S. Mishra and Shivaraj V. Patil

The two judges of the Madras High court who prosecuted the policemen involved in the custodial death of Rajakannu were played by actors Shankar Sundaram and Sanjay Swaroop.

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