Mondays call for some happy romances that will make your stomach flutter. So here are our picks for love stories that you should be watching today. 

1. Before Sunrise 

This classic has been one of our favourites for ages. If you haven’t watched it yet, then now is your chance to do it. Got extra time on your hands? Then you can watch the entire trilogy. 

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2. Mozart In The Jungle

This Amazon Prime Video original follows the journey of a genius conductor at the New York Symphony and his love story with a young oboist.

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3. Tune In For Love 

This Netflix Korean film about a baker and a college student meeting time and again, falling in love and being kept apart by fate will have you rooting for them as you swim in your own tears. 

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4. Breathe

Andrew Garfield plays a 28-year-old who is bed-ridden due to polio. His wife and her brothers help him discover the world outside a hospital ward as he refuses to be confined. 

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5. Say Anything

This 1989 classic is the reason behind one of the most iconic romantic scenes – holding the stereo up in the air. Starring John Cusack in the lead role, this love story is so beautifully mushy and adorable. 

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6. Feel Good 

A comedian and recovering addict’s new relationship might prove to be a little too much for her to handle. This 2020 web series came as a pleasant surprise. 

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Which one will you pick first?