Chef Vikas Khanna is one of the most well-known Indian celebrity chefs, who recently appeared as a guest judge on the reality show Bigg Boss. On the show, Vikas entered as a judge for a cooking task, and prepared a Michelin-style feast for the winning team. He shared that he was overjoyed to see the winning team ‘savor his food’. 


One of the participants, Asim Riaz, first fed Vikas and then proceeded to eat the food himself. And Vikas shared the same on his Insta story. 

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While Vikas was touched by the gesture, people on social media trolled him for the same and went so far as to question his faith. Vikas Khanna has now responded to the hate with an Instagram post, where he has stated that his faith is ‘Indian’. 

I’m an Indian and that’s my faith… Humanity and Humility Shine even when they are silent and small.
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Dear All. I was in BiggBoss house a few days back. We had spent hours and hours to create Michelin Style plates for the Winning team…….when everyone started eating, I was so happy to see them eat. They are living in isolation without any luxury for months, it was a satisfying moment for me to see them savour my food. Except for Asim, who served me a bite with his hands first. It was a genuine moment to thank me. When I posted this humble gesture on Insta Story, I got a lot of hate filled rude messages and questions. Even questioning my faith. I’m an Indian and that’s my faith. I have slept many days without food during my journey in America, I admire people with courage and big hearts even when they are at the receiving end. Humanity and Humility Shine even when they are silent and small. ❤️

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People supported his response and commended both him and Asim for their gestures: 

While trolling is nothing new, it is worrying that a simple gesture can lead to such shocking and hateful responses that a celebrity has to issue a statement in response.