Whenever someone high-profile comes visiting from the West, Bollywood really spreads its arms wide and welcomes them, the same way Shah Rukh Khan does in his films. Whether it is King Khan hosting Akon or Akshay Kumar having a drink with Will Smith – Hollywood celebrities hardly ever go back unhappy after visiting their Bollywood counterparts. And as Chelsea Handler came down to shoot her India experience in the form of a Netflix documentary Dear India, she met a lot of famous Indian people.

Something that stood out, was her chat with former Bollywood A-lister Shilpa Shetty. It was weird and we’re not sure either of the parties enjoyed talking to each other. Chelsea being her irreverent self, refused to buy some of Shilpa’s pageant answers, and Shilpa wasn’t sure why Chelsea was nearly rude to her. These posters sum it up…

It began rather nicely as Chelsea asked her about how big Bollywood, and Shilpa proudly said this.

The conversation moves to Shilpa’s acting career (which has been dormant for a while now), and Chelsea gets the number wrong.

Chelsea asks Shilpa about her stardom and fame.

Chelsea’s just not buying any of it.

Things get worse when she asks Shilpa about her Hollywood aspirations.

Shilpa, being the member of the ‘Bollywood fraternity’, says “we’re all so proud of them.” And Chelsea is JUST NOT CONVINCED.

Chelsea Handler tells Shilpa, she seems like she has done well for herself. And Shilpa responds with this…

Almost like divine intervention, a fly buzzes in to break the awkwardness. But it can’t do anything to help things.

The question then goes towards how does Shilpa feel about being a celebrity and the fame.

And then she makes it worse…

…and Chelsea can’t hide her cringe at the answer.

And by now even Shilpa can’t wait to run away.

Chelsea wraps up the interview with this: 

OMG wow, so much cringe in about two minutes!

You can catch the whole interview on Netflix documentary Dear India from 33:29 onwards.