Last night, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a major announcement that the two largest currency notes in circulation in India, ₹ 500 and ₹ 1000 notes, would cease to be legal tender. 


Amidst all the opinions and apprehensions about the decision that will have a major impact on our economy, Twitter, as usual, decided to see the light side of things. 

Not wanting to be left behind with all the jokes about currency notes, Chetan Bhagat also chimed in with one of his own.


Unluckily for him, not many people found it funny, and as it often happens when he tweets, he got trolled, instead.

Many decided to ‘trash’ his novels.

Some felt sorry for themselves for having read Bhagat’s books.

Not that any of this would affect Chetan much. Pretty sure he’s got used to it by now.