There is something so heartwarming about watching your favourite food be represented on a global scale. And that’s exactly how we felt when we saw these dishes make an appearance on MasterChef Australia, thanks to the amazing chefs. 

Here are some of our favourite desi dishes that impressed judges on this season of MasterChef:

1. Depinder’s Chhole & Kadhai Paneer

2. Justin’s Chicken Curry

3. Kishwar’s Puchkas

4. Justin’s Daal Bhaat

5. Kishwar’s Khichuri & Begun Bhorta

6. Depinder’s Tandoori Chicken, Naan & Lassi

7. Depinder’s Chicken Biryani

8. Depinder’s Chicken 65 Fried Noodles

9. Depinder’s Prawn Moilee

10. Depinder’s South Indian Chicken Curry

11. Kiswar’s Mishti Paan & Supari

12. Kishwar’s Barf Ka Gola & Kulfi

13. Depinder’s Butter Chicken

14. Depinder’s Prawn Curry

15. Kishwar’s Macher Jhol

16. Justin’s Charcoal Chicken with Toum

17. Kishwar’s Goat Rezala

18. Kishwar’s Panta Bhaat

19. Justin, Kishwar, Minoli & Aaron’s Beef Pepper Curry

20. Depinder’s Kathi Rolls

21. Depinder’s Fish Amritsari 

22. Kishwar’s Goat Nihari With Naan

23. Kishwar’s Gobhi Parantha

24. Kishwar’s Hariali Kebab

25. Kishwar’s Bengali Beef Patties

Which dish was your favourite?