You know, how sometimes when you go back and watch things you liked as a kid and now they just seem so weird? Yeah, well, we tried doing that with some of our childhood cartoons and realised it was just mostly vivid imagery of dicks. 

1. In Mickey Mouse‘s defence, he’s a mouse. It’s kinda what they do. 

This can’t be co-incidental. And I can’t believe it took me 20-odd years to realise what it was. That is messed up. 


2. In the movie, Lion King, there is a scene where SImba just lies down and sighs and all the dust just flies up and forms the word ‘sex’.

Well, I guess, it could be difficult for him to find since he lives iwth warthogs and eats worms. 


3. Spongebob lived in a town called ‘Bikini Bottom’. So this imagery is not surprising. 

4. Wow. That is so not a pencil. 

This scene in The Powerpuff Girls takes place when Sedusa was in disguise as Ms. Bellum. So I guess, it kind of mirrored the Mayor’s situation!


5. The Three Little Pigs have their dad hanging on the wall in the form of sausages!

Honda Tech

6. WTF, Rocko, man. That is just not cool. That just hurts my soul so bad. 

7. They had a PlayDuck magazine. There are a lot of WTF moments in this article. 


8. Batman Beyond had some of the more questionable stuff and it bloody got away with all of them. 


9. Wow. Just wow. We used to watch cartoons with our parents, man. 

David Dike

10. I never got what he meant by meat. Like why can’t he like chicken and have a wife? Now I get it. My life has been a lie. 


11. Too far Rugrats. Too far!

Funny Junk

12. That is a very scary image. This is truly haunting. Miss Finster, please stop. 


13. Bendova? What? Bendova?… oh, Dr Bend over. Of course!


14. Oh man, I can’t believe I actively went looking for Donald Duck’s little duck. 


15. Bestiality. That is just bestiality! They let us watch this and we loved it. 

Funny Junk

16. And now, we are all afraid of squirrels. 

The MMA Community

17. OMFG! That’s what Manny meant. I thought he was just threatening to beat him up. But god damn! Son just woke up and chose violence. 

Small Joy

18. Of course, he’s licking a…


19. Rugrats was definitely not for kids. 


20. Now, these were always some shady fuckers but what the hell is Eddie trying to pull off here? 

Go Social

21. That was on Tom and Jerry! God damn it. 

We should have never been allowed to watch any of this. Did we have terrible parents?