If you’ve had the chance to watch Bob Biswas then we’re sure you took note of Chitrangda Singh playing the role of Mary Biswas in the film. And, just how well she played it! The actor has clearly been taking up fewer projects, and so her appearance in Bob Biswas was appreciated greatly. Because well, we want to see more of her. 

But one thing is for sure – it really doesn’t matter when she chooses to do films, the celeb always shows up with the most talented performances. And, to be honest, she’s proving a lot of people (read: patriarchy) wrong by constantly doing movies without letting stereotypes around age and women stop her. The unfortunate truth is that society expects women to give up, ease up, slow down or simply fade into the background as they get older. 

And this applies a lot to the entertainment industry. There’s a huge fixation on excluding women from certain roles as they get older, while simultaneously, almost pushing male actors into roles without taking into consideration whether their age fits the bill. It’s bizarre! We still see 50-year-old male actors being paired with 25-year-old women, when will it become a norm to see the opposite? I guess when we start seeing actors like Chitrangda Singh show up time and time again, without a care in the world of what society expects of her. 


Which is why we’re so, so grateful for game changers like her. It is because of actors like Chitrangda that we’re finally witnessing women age in whatever way they like. Because age does not discredit a woman’s talent, appearance or skill set in any way!


We’re totally awestruck by her and also low-key crushing on her!