If you’ve opened this article, chances are, you’re a 90s kid who’s watched Hum Aapke Hai Koun like a million times. 

Without a doubt, HAHK is special. 

An ensemble cast playing an over-dramatic family, a near-impossible love story and more than a dozen songs thrown in. There’s nothing that could go wrong, right? 


Before we proceed, please watch this:

Basically, this is a song about how Madhuri AKA Nisha has ditched her childhood friends because they don’t interest her anymore. 

These ‘friends’ BTW are chocolate, lime juice, ice-cream and toffeeyaan. Among her long lost buddies also lie gudiyaan (dolls) and khiloney (toys). 

Our girl here has stopped giving a flying fuck about all of these ‘real friends’ because a special someone occupies her mind. 

And that is, this guy:


He loves to tell the world that he’s a boy. Well done, Mr. Boy. We wouldn’t have guessed otherwise.

Anyway, let’s go back to the song. 

Remember how Kajol in DDLJ sang Mere Khwaabon Mein and Bollywood told us that she’s started to fantasize about boys? 

Nisha does just that, but, in the most sanskaari way, ever!

Her room looks like a Nirula’s outlet from the 90s. It has pictures of milkshakes (not the kind you hear about in rap songs), cakes, sandwiches and candies painted on a wall.

Just when you begin to question one’s taste in aesthetics, there appears her own photograph, lustfully looking at an ice-cream. And no, she’s not 5 years old. 

Also, she dances with jars of toffees in her hands but that’s okay because they were her best friends yaa!


Even though Nisha is hellbent on making us believe that she’s given up on chocolates and ice-creams, it looks like she’s a five-year-old on sugar rush. Only better. 

While kids turn into destructive beings after a sugar high, Nisha turns into an amateur tap dancer. 

She picks up anything that comes in her way and dances like this:


It takes her exactly 4 minutes and 27 seconds of a lot of amateur tap dancing to establish that she’s moving on in life to Mr. Boy, who is also a big time weirdo. 

He sneakily climbs up to her terrace, where she’s busy doing the tap and indulges in the shadiest cheap thrills of them all. 

The irony is that she doesn’t see him because she’s busy seeing him everywhere in her highly imaginative head!


If by now, you’re wanting to tell me that all this made sense back in 1994, then NO! That’s bullshit. 

No 20-year-old, from any generation, in their sane state of mind would trip their shit over giving up chocolates. And honestly if it does come down to it, then that person better be fuckin’ worth it. But, we both know that’ll never happen!

Anyway, I’ve heard this song way too many times in the last one hour and all it has managed to do is motivate me to order a cake. 

Chocolate truffle it is!