Select The Shows You Are Watching & We'll Tell You Which Mithai You Most Likely Are

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The kind of shows that we watch tell us a lot about our personality. Just like the kind of sweets that we eat tell who we are.

So we decided to connect the two and tell you what mithai you are most likely based on your choice of shows.

Please choose only one answer option in each question.

1. Which of the following comedy shows makes you laugh every time you watch it?

2. Which is your favourite show from 2020?

3. Which of the following shows would you prefer watching on a horror night?

4. Which show from the following is perfect for a family night?

5. You are eagerly waiting for the next season of which of the following shows?

6. Which of the following shows you can rewatch no matter how many times?

7. Which of the following docuseries you couldn't get enough of?

8. Which of the following old Hindi shows are you binge-watching while working from home?

9. Which of the following cartoon shows is on your weekend watch list?

10. Which of the following reality shows you do not miss at any cost?


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