Back in 2015, Chris Pratt and Irrfan Khan starred in Jurrasic World, an installment of the Jurrasic Park series. 

7 years on, much has changed. Irrfan is not with us anymore, creating a void in our lives that only someone extremely adored can.

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Everyone feels Irrfan’s absence and his co-stars are no different. In a recent interview, this is what Pratt said about Khan.

He was just such an elegant man… like, down to his fingernails. There was just an elegance about him. He was also so powerful. It’s really a rare combination for there to be such strength in softness. And that’s what I would call elegant. 
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He also reiterated something mentioned by many before. That Irrfan could do a lot while not doing much at all.

He could do very little, and still, he would be doing so much. Just by his sheer presence, and his sheer charisma, that he would bring to a role. One tiny flick of an eyebrow, or one tiny little move, was so powerful.

This description of Irrfan’s abilities is quite accurate. He could indeed say a lot just by the flick of an eyebrow. No one can take his place, ever.