Now, we all know what an emotional rollercoster Chuck and Blair’s relationship has been. But their love was magnetic; they would get back to each other at the end of the day. They both were evil in their own way, destructive to everyone around them, powerhouses in their complex and chaotic world and always, always in love with each other. 

More often than not, they would find themselves in unpleasant situations but would never lose sight of each other. In short, Chair – Chuck and Blair – gave us relationship goals that has the potential to ruin all our relationships forever! 

But they also made us realise that falling in love and committing needs courage. 

Here are a few moments from their journey that gave us hope and ruined them at the same time. 

1. Every time they plotted against their sworn enemies together

2. Every time all they ever needed was each other’s company

3. And every time they fought for each other

4. Each time all they asked from the other was this

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5. And that one time when Chuck had the worst day of his life and Blair did not let him be alone

6. And all the times their fashion and sass game was on point

7. And all the times they realised that only they could keep up with one another

8. And that one time when Blair saved Chuck from jumping off a building

9. And every time they went to sleep together!

10. Everytime they celebrated their victory

11. Each time he showered her with compliments

12. Every time he found her next to him

13. Everytime they simply looked at each other with this much love

14. Every time all they ever needed was each other’s company

15. That time when he showed up at her wedding with Prince Louis of Monaco and we wept uncontrollably

16. That one really awful time when they were in an accident and all they cared about was the other

17. That one time she said this and won his heart instantly

18. And everytime they would keep finding each other amidst all the chaos

19. That absolutely fantastic time when they got married and looked like this

20. And that time we got to see their happily ever after

Turns out Mr. Bass was right the whole time!