Here are some of the best Claire-Mitch moments which prove they’re just like you and your sibling.

1. When she was every older sibling ever because she kept giving him useless ideas instead of actually helping out.

2. And then he questioned his sister’s sanity. We all know how that feels like.

3. When Mitch was just like all the younger ones, calling up the older sibling for help. 


4. When shared love interests wasn’t a big deal.


5. When Claire was once again the mean older sister and didn’t let Mitch steal her moment.


6. When they’re absolutely clueless on what to do when they don’t have to choose sides between their parents anymore.


7. Older siblings need back-up too and they know the only one they can count on is their younger sister/brother. Just like when Claire had to call up Mitch to do the family picture at his place instead of hers.


8. When Mitch was the kind younger brother and took the fall for Claire because no one liked her.

9. All siblings have had this team mommy – team daddy fight.

10. When Mitch spills out his heart to Claire about how much he misses her and she replies in the typical ‘older’ sibling way.

11. When they have a heart-to-heart talk about their partners.

12. When Claire watched out for Mitch as kids like all older siblings do.

13. Every sibling relationship is based on pranks.

14. When Mitch wanted to tell her older sister off just like every younger sibling wants to. Or at least tries to.

15. When Claire was the exact replica of all older siblings because she let Mitch know that he’s a momma’s boy.

Going to binge-watch the show now.