The 21-day lockdown has given us the gift of time. We can finally sit back and catch up on all those things that we otherwise would have missed out. One such thing is the quality time that we can spend with our family. 

And what better way to spend time with your family than to put your feet up and indulge in a classic old Hindi film together?

So, here’s a list of old Hindi films that you can easily find on the OTT platforms and can watch with your family.  

1. Gol Maal 

Nope, not the present Ajay Devgn version, but the original 1979 Amol Palekar’s Golmaal is a 2 hour plus laughter-riot you and your family deserves. Ram pretends to have a twin to please his boss, but all hell breaks loose when the boss wants to marry his daughter to the made-up twin. You can watch the movie here.

2. Chupe Chupke 

If you loved Dharmendra and Amitabh Bachchan’s Jodi in Shollay, then you for sure can’t miss out on this comedy-drama starring the two of them. Parimal (Dharmendra) pranks his wife’s Sulekha’s (Jaya Bachchan) brother-in-law by becoming his driver and needless to say things quickly go downhill from there! You can watch the movie here.

3. Singapore 

Starring the legendary Shammi Kapoor, Singapore is a ‘60s thriller you can’t miss. Shyam, played by Shammi Kapoor, goes to Singapore in search of his manager whom he had sent to settle some of his estate there. Instead of finding him, he gets caught up in a gang war, Singaporean style. You can watch the movie here.

4. Pyaasa

If you haven’t watched Guru Datt’s classic Pyaasa by now, we suggest you do that asap. One of the most iconic films in Indian filmography, Pyaasa follows the story of a struggling poet, Vijay who finds an unlikely alliance in Gulabo, a prostitute who has fallen in love with him and his work. Watch this beautiful film here.

5. Masoom 

Remember the song ‘Tujhse Naraaz Nahi Zindagi’? Well, it’s from this film classic starring Naseeruddin Shah, Shabana Azmi and Supriya Pathak. Devendra Kumar, played by Shah, finds his marital life turned upside down when he is confronted with the reality of an illegitimate child from a past affair. You can watch this film here.

6. Amar Prem

“Pushpa, I hate tears.” If you had always cracked up on this Rajesh Khanna dialogue, it is high time you watch the film to know its context. In Amar Prem, Pushpa is sold to a brother by her uncle when her husband abandons her. There she meets, Anand Babu and she develops an unlikely friendship with him, that although has no name but has the power to break and mend hearts. Watch the full movie here.

7. Kabhie Kabhie 

What happens when an estranged couple meets after years? This heartbreaking film. Amit and Pooja although head over heels in love with one another are forced to marry according to their parent’s choices. Destiny has its own plan when they are brought back in each other’s life after many years. Watch the full film here.

8. Amar Akbar Anthony 

This lockdown is the best time to revisit this age-old classic with your family. Amar Akbar Anthony has a star cast lined in to give you 3 hours of pure joy and laughter. You know the story, don’t you? Three abandoned kids grow up differently and years later find their way back to one another. The classic plot, you say? Wait, until you watch the film. Catch the movie here.

9. Hera Pheri 

All of us are already mesmerized by the Paresh Rawal’s Hera Pheri, but what would you do if we told you that the original one is better and casts none other than the Senior Bachchan? Vijay and Ajay are small time-crooks who make a living by stealing money. Their bond is tested when Vijay discovers that Ajay’s father might have been his father’s killer. Watch the full movie here.   

10. Mughal_E-Azam 

You must have heard about the timeless classic Mughal-E-Azam but never would have had the time to watch it. So, here’s the perfect time you have been waiting for. Saleem, son of Mughal emperor Akbar, falls in love with a courtesan Anarkali and rages open war against his own father to marry her. Beware, the end will break your heart. Watch the film here.

Get ready to submerge yourself in the world of timeless classics that will transport you to the past. Have a good binge!