Condom ads, like most deodorants ads, usually go down a staid and very generic pattern. There’s the typical groan-inducing bait of an attractive woman, probably biting her lip because this dude just walked by and pulled out a condom of said brand. The light go off and the name of the company pops up, spoken by an equally sensual female voice. Sometimes companies do it different though, I mean prophylactics need a smart image too. To that end, here are some clever condom ads that really got it right!

This ad to ‘enjoy the other side’ with lubricated condoms is as crafty as it gets!

Source: Boredpanda

Here’s an ad for Durex extra large condoms. Smart!

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This commercial for condoms really drives home that ‘no-kids’ policy with a vengeance!

Your dangerous little soldiers will never get through this labyrinth!

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The women in this Indian ad are nothing if not progressive. Well at least one of them is!

Sensual and artistic, this ad is genius.

Source: Madovermarketing

Small, medium and “WTF IS THAT THING?!” size condoms by Durex.

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This silly ad tells you to not be shy about buying a condom.

They even have ads for those who arrive a little ‘early’ so to speak!

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This one made me laugh and then cross my legs in vicarious pain!

Taking the term ‘going at it like rabbits’ to the next level.

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A smart condom is capable of amazing things!

Use a condom, because you never know who you might give birth to!

Extra strong protection in ever respect of the word!

Stay funny, stay safe!