I am not necessarily a very busy person. I generally have a lot of time on my hands, and I’ll admit I waste it too like any other non-busy person. 

But I do feel like asking for the last two minutes of my life back.

Because this can’t be it. What did I just watch?!

There is a clip from the movie Mother (1999) that is doing rounds on social media as people cannot get over the “oscar-level acting performance” in it.

And I see why. Good acting is too big an expectation when it seems like the actors are not even blinking.

The scene is also made amazing because of its excellent writing. You get punchlines after punchlines, as the word “class” is mentioned at least 50 times.

I am not exaggerating. 

Also, in just these 2:15 minutes, you get a great plot twist but hey, no spoilers. Here’s how people reacted to the clip on Twitter.

Not gonna lie, I did want to know what happens to Jia.