The wait for season 2 of arguably the greatest superhero show of all time – The Boys – is long and arduous. Season 1 of the subversive and supremely corrupted telling of how superheroes would most likely behave in real life left us on an explosive cliffhanger, quite literally. While the next season is out on September 4th, Amazon Prime has been giving us tiny bites into the show to keep the monster at bay.

And talking about monsters, the most recent clip they released is truly unsettling, in classic Boys style. Giancarlo Esposito, who plays the icy and unshakeable Gus Fring on Breaking Bad, gets some initial screen time.

He makes a short appearance in season 1, playing the man at the top of the evil corporation that employs all these ‘heroes’.

But the crux of the clip is truly an ode to Black Noir, the enigmatic homicidal maniac who we never really learn much about in the first season, except he’s always in top form, and by top form I mean killing anyone that gets in his way.

Apart from showcasing just how impervious to damage he is, this little teaser also establishes that he’s yet another sociopath, which is why Homelander seems to get along with him.

Enough teasing though. Just watch the trailer below.

I can’t wait!