Cobie Smulders and Jake Johnson aka Robin Scherbatsky and Nick Miller came together for an Instagram live session, where Jake convinced Cobie to sing, Let’s Go To The Mall Together. 

As fans of How I Met Your Mother would recall, Let’s Go to the Mall was the song that teenage Canadian pop star Robin Sparkles, aka of Robin Scherbatsky shot a video for. 


Jake Johnson achieved widespread fame for his portrayal of the grumpy bartender Nick Miller from New Girl. 


And he also happens to be Cobie’s co-star in the crime-drama series, Stumptown. 

Prime Timer

As the two got together on Insta Live, Jake convinced his co-star and friend to sing a part of Let’s Go To The Mall.

Naturally, the fans were more than impressed: 

The only downside of this Insta live is that I can no longer decide if I want to binge-watch HIMYM again or New Girl.