Cole Sprouse recently admitted that just like everyone he had a huge crush on Jennifer Aniston, while he was working on the sets of FRIENDS.


Cole, who played the role of Ross’ son, Ben, told that he was intimidated by her and would even go blank while shooting with her-

I’m pretty sure I fell in love with Jennifer Aniston, which the whole world had at that point. But I do remember being quite intimidated around her, because of that. I remember blanking on my lines, and having a kind of stage fright when she sat next to me on the couch in one episode.

Aw, how ‘suite’.

His crush on Jennifer, who played Rachel Green in the show, also came to the forefront, a few years ago. He told the New York Post,

I had a really, really hard time working with [Jennifer] Aniston because I was so in love with her. I was infatuated. I was speechless — I’d get all bubbly and forget my lines and completely blank. It was so difficult.

However, in the recent reveal, he also shared an embarrassing anecdote. Apparently, some cameraman commented that the ‘little boy’s got a crush’-

I remember there was a cameraman who was like, ‘Little boy’s got a crush,’ or I forget what they said. Of course, I turned bright red. But I do remember feeling like I fell in love.

Come on, cameraman, be cool.


‘Ben’ there, done that.