In a country that is obsessed with fair skin, this stand-up comic has chosen to create ripples of change by speaking up against the casual everyday racism faced by people with a darker skin tone in India.

Saikiran kickstarts his set titled, Dark Skinned and Getting Married, by dropping the truth bombs of his own struggles. He opens up about various occasions on which he was mistaken to be a criminal simply because of the colour of his skin. 

He then points out how not only society but also your own blood relatives have a tough time accepting the way you look.

In a series of humorous jokes, he goes on to take a dig at the most common desi misconception around how tea-coffee or anything that’s caffeinated or brown can stereotypically tamper your melanin ratio and change the colour of your skin:

Voicing his opinions on the normalised concept of colour-based discrimination in our country, Saikiran further goes on to make a very valid observation in the portrayal of Lord Krishna. 

And finally, towards the end of his set, Saikiran gives a major burn to society through his mic drop moment: 

With his dark humour, Saikiran has managed to show us the ugly reality of society and the normalised concept of everyday racism. Watch the full video here: