When an average Indian refers to a sitcom, he or she is either talking about FRIENDS or How I met your Mother. While we might have our reservations about these two iconic shows, have no doubt that we find Community a better TV show overall.

While not a lot of us are that familiar with a comedy like Community and while the general masses might not be able to grasp every single joke from the show, the show deserves a lot of acknowledgment. 


Community has Dan Harmon and the Russo Brothers while FRIENDS has Chuck Lorre.

Chuck Lorre might have had a lot of success with quite a lot of his shows but we’re quite certain that success doesn’t essentially equate to quality. If that were the case, Taylor Swift would be the best musician around. 

Dan Harmon, on the other hand, has made remarkable contributions to comedy in the form of Community and Rick and Morty. The Russo Brothers are at the helm of the Marvel Cinematic Universe right now. They directed Captain America: Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War.


Community relies on a ‘smarter’ brand of humour while the ‘comedy’ of the other popular shows is extremely pedestrian.

Dan Harmon has been extremely unapologetic while writing Community. He uses tropes, dialogues and references from pop-culture entities. For example, there is an episode that revolves around a game of paint-ball. And the best part of the episode is that it’s a Star Wars homage. Characters from the show effortlessly fit into these quirky moulds and the quick wit is hillarious.

FRIENDS has a barrage of homophobic jokes. If that wasn’t unfunny enough, Joey would come up with a ‘Joey doesn’t share food’ and people would lose their shit. We too want to lose our shit though, but in a toilet. HIMYM relies on this one character, Barney, to provide all the humour. The other characters are extremely generic FRIENDS ripoffs that are basically as charismatic as a wet cardboard box.

Chandler and Joey are all happy and nice but they’re nothing when compare to Troy and Abed.

While a lot of FRIENDS fans swear by Chanoey, Troy and Abed are the real deal. They complement each others personality and even go on these ‘adventures’ together. Their signature hand-shake is also better than anything the other shows can produce. 

The friendships in Community are not based on the romantic relationships that the characters develop. They’re very realistic. On the other hand, HIMYM is about a group of friends that fuck around amongst themselves a lot.


Community doesn’t have any particular trope whereas HIMYM and FRIENDS thrive on these stereotypical prototypes for episodes.

Community is supposed to be about a gang of losers at community college, but the group learned more about friendship than anything else in their five years at Greendale. The heart of Community is the friendship between the characters – even in the fifth season, when they replaced Pierce and Troy. It’s just bizarre how no two episodes of Community are the same.

HIMYM and FRIENDS are extremely formulaic in their approach. These shows seem to work well with the audience because they are based on a certain ‘recipe’ for success. 


Have you seen Community? If you haven’t, stop everything you’re doing and binge watch all the six seasons NOW. #sixseasonsandamovie