True crime has become one of the most lucrative aspects of entertainment and media consumption. Content surrounding crimes has expanded recently in quantity and quality.

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It has also captured the interest of millions of people across the world and generated just as much revenue. With true crime becoming a part of the entertainment, there is an opportunity for everyone.

A true-crime streaming service is promising $2,400 (₹1.8 lakh) to watch 24 hours of films and write a report about them. MagellanTV has made the offer.

Our ideal candidate lives for true crime — they can handle the most menacing serial killer, the goriest details, and don’t flinch at the chilling paranormal.



People who “live for true crime” enjoy content pieces across media that take up real-life crime cases to present in either factual or an artistic manner. With the rise of streaming platforms, the community of true crime fans has only increased.


As part of the application, the candidate must produce a video explaining “why you’re perfect for the position.” The chosen individual would spend an entire day watching true crime videos and documenting the process on social media to win free one-year access of MagellanTV.


They want the chosen individual to spend an entire day watching true crime video and documenting it on social media. If the candidate completes the challenge, he or she will receive a free year of MagellanTV access.

Interested candidates can apply here

Let’s get our glasses cleaned and popcorn ready!