Have you seen Housefull 3? Judging by just how much the film’s made only in its opening weekend, you probably have. And if its many scathing reviews are to be believed, it wasn’t exactly money well-spent, was it?

Somehow, we undeniably find ourselves in a nation of movie-goers where a film like Housefull 3 is well on its way to becoming the biggest moneymaker of 2016 so far, despite getting some serious hate from the critics.

And my only question is this: Why is it that the many films of depth and substance, more often than not, come nowhere close to such success?

Meanwhile, films that subscribe to mindlessness – be it in comedy or in action – and fail to engage a viewer in any real way, as the critics will confirm, seem to do splendidly at the box office.

Let us ask ourselves what kind of cinema we want to characterise the industry. Many of us talk a big game about how the movies being churned out these days are ‘rubbish’ and yet, it is us that these movies thrive on!

I believe it’s time we resolved to stop blindly spending our money on cinema that is universally acknowledged as ‘masala’, and start to usher in an era of a more refined Bollywood.

Awesome designs by Suvojyoti Ray