Bridgerton, the smutty, idyllic fairytale-like romance made waves when it decided to cast not one but two Indian actresses in lead roles. While the internet is divided over the South Asian representation in the show, there is one aspect the show certainly got right – the costumes.

One Reddit user pointed out the brilliant homage the costume department paid to Indian culture and we have to say, we’re impressed!

Take a look for yourself:

1. The peacock details. 

Not only is the peacock honoured as India’s national bird, but its regal charm and sheer elegance have long lured the eyes of royal poets, emperors, invaders and warriors in the nation. The majestic peacock is identified alongside Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. Because of its rich religious heritage and legendary entanglement with Indian traditions, the integration of peacock imagery in Kate’s teal dress was an excellent ode to India’s vibrant past.


2. Beading and trim refrences.

Edwina’s soft tinted pal-mal gown featured gorgeous, intricate beading and trim styles that are frequently seen in everyday Indian wear such as the churidar, sari or ghagra choli. Such patterns are rarely seen in European fashion and pay homage to the quintessential Indian textiles


3. Recognize the Indian architecture?

Not just the textile patterns, take a look at the curves on Kate’s sleeves. They’re reminiscent of the ornate work in Indian architecture. 


4. Banarasi silks and Paisely prints. 

Banarasi silks and Paisley prints are a huge part of Indian fashion. While the former is a pioneer of brocade and zari work, the latter was introduced to the Indian subcontinent during the Mughal era. Bridgeton did justice to the textiles in a breathtaking manner.


5. Everyday Indian jewellery. 

I don’t know about you, but I was certainly ecstatic to see hints of my everyday jewellery in the Bridgeton wardrobe. The chokers and earrings sported by Kate, Edwina and Mary bear a stark reseblences to Indian jhumkas and kundan accessories.