If you think about it, TV is probably the best thing to have happened to humans. News, movies, sports, wildlife, lifestyle… you name it, TV offers it. It’s hard to imagine how people lived without a television earlier!While it’s true that we all love TV, there’s something sinister that it has been doing all along. TV has given rise to a new breed called the Couch Potato. Watching TV while resting their posteriors on a comfy seat and constantly munching on snacks has become their state of being. This breed is growing in numbers. Many of them don’t realize they are couch potatoes.

Are you one? Check for these signs:

1. Flipping through channels becomes the only exercise you do

2. Making plans that involve you stepping off the couch makes you whine

3. Your day begins with and ends with you staring into your T.V.

4. The most terrifying nightmare is finding your remote control batteries dead

5. Your mom has mutated into a ninja taking care of all your tasks while you laze around

6. You know the TV schedule by heart

7. What you’re eating doesn’t matter as long as you’re eating

8. You take a call and hang up saying, “I’m doing something right now.”

9. Your couch has an imprint of your butt

10. You have a certain spot and nobody can sit there. NOBODY.

11. You throw a huge tantrum when you cannot find the remote

There are many more signs but I’m doing something right now.