Life is a race!” 

Haven’t we all heard this, way too many times? Till some time ago, these three words were enough to put anyone under pressure. But Aamir Khan-starrer 3 Idiots changed things around, making us look at this ‘race’ in a completely different light. 

3 Idiots showed the flaws of our Indian education system in the most hilariously-simple way possible. Raju Hirani’s story-telling gave out the message loud and clear, without exhausting the audience. The film broke records that were unheard of and on the side, gave us our new life mantra. 

Today, I won’t be surprised if someone chants ‘Aal is well’ in the time of distress!

7 years have passed since the film’s release and yet, it still teaches us a new lesson, every time we watch it. 

Here are the funniest moments from 3 Idiots that can turn every frown upside down, no matter how many times you watch them:

1. When Rancho taught us the actual definition of a machine. 

2. The time Raju taught us how an induction motor starts.

3. The funniest speech in recent times. Ever!

4. When Rancho taught Virus how to teach and we just couldn’t help but laugh!

5.  The curious case of the lost roll numbers. 

6. The time when bhindi was actually just 12 bucks a kilo.

7. And when Suhaas got the chutney demo.

8. When a drunk Kareena gave a whole new meaning to Dhokla, Thepla and Khaakra.  

9. Also, when the idiots showed that peeing on the Principal’s mailbox is the best way to teach him a lesson.

10. The big reveal that was Phunsuk Wangdu!

The more we watch 3 Idiots, the deeper our love gets for the film.

Now go on, re-watch it already!