Being in the public eye constantly can’t be easy – every move is recorded, every slip-up is magnified, and every bad hair day is scrutinised. Considering all of that, many celebrities end up lying about things that make no sense. For some reason or the other, famous folks have lied about some truly ridiculous shit. Check it.

1. Ben Affleck claimed his back tattoo was fake. It was actually real. Real bad.

In 2016, Affleck claimed that the massive tattoo, which many considered so bad that it couldn’t be real, was for a movie and was fake. However, during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres in 2019, he admitted that the tattoo was ‘100% not fake’.

2. Jack & Meg White claimed they were siblings when they were actually married.

This one was quite a doozy when it came to light. The two members who make up The White Stripes claimed they wanted people to take them seriously as musicians, and not focus on the relationship, which is why they told people they were siblings rather than married. 

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3. Martha Stewart lied to federal investigators about the sale of stocks. 

Stewart’s image of domestic perfection hit a snag in late 2001 when she sold ImClone stocks just before the stock price dropped. Committing insider trading, Stewart saved money by knowing the product hadn’t gotten FDA approval and would soon plummet in stocks. She ultimately went to jail for this.


4. Jessie Smollett lied about being the victim of a hate crime.

In January 2019, the former Empire star claimed he had been attacked during a hate crime outside his Chicago apartment. Apparently, he was called racist and homophobic slurs, and this news sent shockwaves around the world. A month later, however, it was reported that he allegedly helped plan the entire assault himself. 


5. Ed Sheeran lied about being cut in the face by British Princess Beatrice.

In 2017, singer Ed Sheeran made the news when it was reported that British Princess Beatrice accidentally cut his face with a sword while conducting a mock knighting during a party. However, it was later revealed to be a hoax, and Ed had apparently been drunk and cut himself by mistake. 


6. Lance Armstrong lied about not using performance-enhancing drugs.

Former pro road racing cycler Lance Armstrong had claimed for years that he was clean as a whistle, while he won a record 7 Tour de France titles. However, after he was investigated for doping, it was found that he did indeed use them to boost performance, and the ensuing scandal is a part of history.


7. Rebel Wilson claimed she was six years younger than her real age.

An Australian tabloid discovered that at one time, even though she claimed to be 29 years old, Rebel was actually 35. Not only that, but her real name was actually Melanie Elizabeth Bounds. She had said she was born in 1986, but she was actually born in 1980.


8. Miley Cyrus lied about marrying Liam Hemsworth.

In 2013, Miley told Cosmopolitan magazine that she had gotten married to then-boyfriend Liam Hemsworth in secret. However, this was actually an inexplicable lie. They did get married some time later however.

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9. Nicki Minaj told everyone she was two years younger than she actually was.

Minaj had said she was born in 1984, but a police report in 2011 revealed that she was actually born in 1982. 

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10. Rapper P. Diddy lied about owning a private jet.

The rap mogul most likely had and still has the money to buy an actual jet, which is why it’s strange he lied about owning a private jet back in 2008. Either way, the claim turned out to be untrue.


Sure, everyone lies, but some of these lies are pretty bizarre!