There is nothing more douchey than twerpy little rich kids flaunting how much money they have on social media – clicking obnoxious snaps of ridiculously expensive things, dropping a hint of their mum and dad in it and flaunting them like no one’s business.

Well, sit back while we take you through a world, namely the Rich Kids Of Snapchat, we only wish we could relate to! Or not.

1. Oh, please excuse the road traffic. 

2. I’m surprised your Dad didn’t buy you the Millennium Falcon. 

3. Without stupid people, we would have no one to laugh at.

4. Your money is so rare, no one can find it.

5. That bread deserves a butter knife.

6. Need a tissue? Here are some 50s.

7. Damn! Not even a billion! #MillionDollarProblems

8. Because coasters are SO bloody expensive these days!

9. American Express would be proud.

10. Don’t waste paper.

11. Easier to run out of paper than it is to run out of Macs.

12. The little joys of life!

13. Because plates are too mainstream.

14. Damn kid! Your parents hate you, don’t they?

15. Guess, why you need a bigger brain?

16. *Bangs head on this very table*

17. Trying to imagine treats for finishing summer reading. *Imagination malfunction*

18. Cool story, Bro. *popcorn*

19. That’s right, some people can’t even afford easter eggs.

20. If only cameras had a little brain. 

Oh the effort some people put into flaunting their stupidity!