So, it’s Friday the 13th and you want to get spooked but you’ve watched all the horror movies there are. After a point, they all start to feel the same. So what do you do?

Horror fan, say hello to horror mangas. Mangas or graphic novels are very popular in Japan. These are available in every genre you can imagine, but let’s talk about horror mangas.

There are some really talented artists who will give you goosebumps with their creepy stories and creepier artwork. Here are some horror mangas with really twisted stories, that will keep you awake tonight. 

(Click on the titles to read the manga online)

1. Uzumaki

First people get possessed. Then houses get possessed. And then, the whole town spirals into madness. A work of sheer genius that guaranteed to keep you awake.

2. Tomei

She dies in the most gruesome ways. But she always comes back… for you. A creepy AF cocktail of love, lust, crime and the bizarre.

3. Orochi

An unworldly being observes humans and unveils some of their shocking secrets. Some of the stories will make you cry, some will creep you out, but they’ll all haunt you forever.

4. Drifting Classroom

A school suddenly vanishes into thin air and nobody knows how or why. But what happened to the students?

5. The Human Chair

This bizzare tale of passion will make you very scared to sit on a sofa. Because, do you know what might be living inside?

6. Dissolving Beauty

He’s the perfect boyfriend. But strange things start happening to every woman he dates. What’s really going on?

7. Haunted Wood Mansion 

8. Face Burglar

She could become anyone by stealing their face. But what did her own face look like?

9. Red String

A relationship died. But something sinister was still alive.

10. The Window Next Door

He couldn’t sleep. Because there was something staring at him through the window.

11. Glyceride

Siblings always fight. But this one turns creepy.

12. Black Paradox

They wanted to commit suicide together. That failed. But something about them changed… 

13. Hellstar Remina

A new planet was discovered. It annihilated every planet in its path. Earth was next…

Still awake?