While the opportunity to have sex with Bradley Cooper, Ryan Gosling or Leonardo DiCaprio might have us jumping onto the next flight to Hollywood in a flash, it’s extremely disturbing that not all sex-involving movies are sunshine and rainbows.

From weird expressions to breaking bed, we have rounded up the cringiest scenes from Hollywood movies. 

1. Watchmen 

The adaptation of Alan Moore’s 1986 DC Comics series of the same title, this movie features a horrifying moment of sex which is so tone-deaf that it will make you wonder if a teenager wrote the script.


2. The Room 

From elongated shots of naked body to weird blowjob face, this movie has several horrific sex scenes. One such bizarre scene is shot through the sheer veil hanging above the bed and the camera keeps sweeping around as they make love on a bed surrounded by candles and full of rose petals.


3. Avatar 

No there’s no doubt that this movie was truly a masterpiece and had several beautiful scenes. However, the sex scene between Jack and Neytiri wasn’t one of them. While they interlocked their braid, the scene felt straight-up creepy.

4. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 

Although there were many cringe-worthy sex scenes in the movie but the honeymoon bed break deserves some extra attention. The fans were anticipating this steamy moment since ever and when they finally decide to do the deed, Edward broke the bed. Sure it’s a metaphor but you don’t actually break the freaking bed.


5. Splice 

This sci-fi drama revolves around a scientist who has secretly created a sub-human creature, Dren, who becomes her daughter. Nonetheless, just a few months later, he bangs his creepy science daughter and it gets all petrifying.


6. Fifty Shades Freed 

Well-known for introducing BDSM to the film industry, this franchise had a number of terribly boring sex scenes. However, the ice cream sex scene takes the cake. With everything being too warm and runny, the scene was nothing but gross.


 7. Black Mirror 

What’s worse than having sex with a pig? In the pilot episode of this show, the Prime Minister had sex with a freaking pig to save his family and the fate of the royal princess. We are not going to lie, it was pretty disgusting. 


8. The Great 

It’s no surprise this scene failed to get hearts beating. While the lead pair consummates their wedding, the man shows zero interest in pleasuring her wife and keeps talking to an associate while they have sex. Hmm.


9. Maps To The Stars 

One of the creepiest scenes of the movie is a super stressful-looking sex scene between Julianne Moore and Robert Pattinson that takes places in the car on the road. Wait, it gets even worse when she leaves the car and wipes his semen off her leg with her scarf. Chills.


10. Damage 

Well, you should NOT have sex with your son’s fiancé. Even if you are, you shouldn’t look like a hungry bear. The background score makes the scene look weirder.


11. Showgirls 

Do you remember the pool scene between Elizabeth Berkley and Kyle MacLachlan in this movie? She surely looks like a fish on the hook.

12. Taking Lives 

This oh-so-awkward sex scene between Angelina Jolie and Ethan Hawke just gave us chills.

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13. Bad Teacher 

The sex scene between Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz in this movie was super uncomfortable to watch.

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14. 300 Rise Of An Empire 

The awkward sex scene between Themistocles and Artemisia looked nothing but a weird battle. So freaking cringy.

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15. The Shining 

Remember when Shelley Duvall was running through the Overlook Hotel with a kitchen knife and sees a man in a suit receiving oral sex from a person in a bear costume? That was one awkward glance before she runs off.

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16. Requiem For A Dream 

With Jennifer Connelly’s sweaty and pained face, the climactic scenes of the movie are painfully uncomfortable to watch. We are not even kidding.

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How many of these have you watched?