Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, Khaleesi, Mother of Dragon Drogon, has had one of the most epic journeys in Game of Thrones. From being a girl sold like a broodmare to almost becoming the Queen of the seven kingdoms, she has come a long way.

1. Daenerys stood up to Viserys for the very first time after he got violent with her. 


2. She ate the raw heart of a horse during an ancient Dothraki ritual. 

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3. When she just stood there and watched Khal Drogo killing Viserys. 

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4. Daenerys walked into a pyre with three stones and walked out unburnt with 3 dragons. 

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5. Drogon learned to breathe fire on the command of Daenerys. 

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6. The baby dragons burnt Pyat Pree and saved Daenerys from the House of The Undying. 

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7. After being insulted by slave master, Kraznys, Daenerys ordered Drogon to burn him and then freed the Unsullied. 

8. After she freed all the slaves, they carried her on their shoulders and called her ‘Mhysa’. 

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9. After the murder of Ser Barristan Selmy by the Sons of the Harpy, Daenerys fed one of the slave masters to Rhaegal and Viserion. 

10. She threatened to burn the city of Qarth if they didn’t let her in. This was the first time she promised Fire & Blood on an entire city. 

11. She told Tyrion that she would change the cycle of tyranny in the 7 kingdoms. 

12. Daenerys named Tyrion the ‘Hand of the Queen’. 


13. After being attacked in the pits, Drogon came to Daenerys’ rescue. This was the first time she rode a dragon. 

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14. She burned all the Khals alive and took over the Dothraki after walking through fire. 


15. She returned to Meereen and told the slave owners that her reign had just begun. 


16. She rode Drogon and burned the enemy fleet to the ground. 


17. After all the years, she’s spent in exile, Daenerys finally returned home with an army, a fleet, allies and 3 dragons. 


18. She met Jon Snow for the first time at Dragonstone. 

19. After losing her most important allies, Daenerys led the Dothraki and her dragons and destroyed Ser Jaime Lannister’s army. 

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20. After Jon and Co. were stuck between the Army of the Dead, Dany risked everything and went beyond the wall to save them. 


21. She fought the Night King and his dragon during the Battle of Winterfell. 

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22. Even after she was forced off Drogon, she picked up a sword and fought the white walkers, despite lacking the skills. 


23. She rode her last dragon into battle and destroyed Euron Greyjoy’s entire Iron Fleet. 

24. She ended the Golden Company in one swift motion.  

25. And put a hole on the gates of King’s Landing, allowing her army to march right through. 

26. Daenerys didn’t even need an army to sack King’s Landing. She did it with one dragon. 

RIP Queen.