Warning: This article contains spoilers for Episode 1 of Game Of Thrones Season 8.

The last season Game of Thrones finally premiered today, after a long wait of 2 years. And although it didn’t have all the big badass sequences as promised, it surely laid the foundations for the war to come. 


And in doing so, the episode also raised the question – Is Daenerys the right person to rule the 7 kingdoms, to be the queen?


The fact of the matter is that her whole character arc has revolved around her birthright to rule. And yes, she has done some truly great deeds on her way to Westeros.

She abolished slavery in some kingdoms, she agreed to have a truce with Cersei, among other things. 


But then again, she agreed to come with Jon and help fight the undead only after he bent the knee to her. 


Would Jon have insisted on that if he were in her position? We don’t know for sure.

But if his actions in the past are any indication, he would have fought unconditionally for the greater good of his people. 


In today’s episode, Samwell Tarly reminded us how Jon saw the plight of the wildings whom the kingdoms were at war with for centuries and allowed them safe passage through the wall.

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Mind you, he was actively at war with these people. The Night’s Watch had been at war with them for centuries. 

But Daenerys burned Randal Tarly and his son Dickon because they did not want to bend the knee to her. 


And this was right after she told the people gathered there that she was nothing like her father – The Mad King. 


Again, after the Battle of the Bastards, Jon forgave the houses that stood against the Starks – the Umbers and the Karstarks. He gave them their lands and titles back and asked them to join the rest of the North.  


As Sam so accurately put it – Jon gave up his crown for the greater good of his people. Would Daenerys do the same? 


Dany, despite everything, is driven by one desire and one purpose only – her right to rule over the 7 kingdoms. Even as death looms over all of them, she still speaks of ruling after the great war is over.

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So when she inevitably finds out about Jon/Aegon’s claim to the throne, will she still love him? 

Maybe. We don’t know that for sure. 

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But will she accept that the birthright she claims to have, actually belongs to Jon and that he would make a better ruler than she would?

That is definitely not going to happen. 


And we all know what Dany is capable of doing to those who stand between her and the Iron Throne. 

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So the question that needs to be asked is this: Is Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen etc etc going to be the final antagonist of Game of Thrones?