The sixth season of Game of Thrones is right around the corner and the fans have already started picking their favourite characters. Daenerys Targaryen (also known as Khaleesi) is a crowd favourite because of the way her character is being portrayed in the show. David Benioff and D. B. Weiss’ show is based on George RR Martin’s famous fantasy series – A Song of Ice and Fire. 

Considering that the show is an adaptation, it is appalling how the showrunners have indulged in some literal character assassination. One of the biggest problems with the show is the heroic portrayal of the worst character in the show – Daenerys Stormborn. Here are a few reasons why she should never sit on the Iron Throne:

1. Daenerys does not have the rightful claim to the throne

Daenerys keeps harping on about the Iron Throne being rightfully hers. Her father, Aerys II Targaryen, burnt people alive for fun. He was a horrible leader who almost ran Westeros into the ground with his stupidity. It took a proper rebellion from Robert Baratheon to end her father’s reign of terror. It wasn’t wrong in any way. Her father deserved to die. Think about the Targaryens like the Congress party. An age old leader decided to mess up the country but the younger generation thinks that the power to rule the country is rightfully theirs.


2. Daenerys hasn’t been able to discipline the dragons

The Targaryens are known to have ruled Westeros with the help of dragons. There must definitely be a way to train them. Daenerys is the Mother of Dragons but she has been completely useless in keeping her kids in check. The Dragons have been barbecuing civilians and goats. Her three dragons are her biggest weapons but she has decided to get rid of them. Her lack of trying to train these fantastical creatures is a huge problem. 


3. Daenerys’ false sense of entitlement

After Khal Drogo’s death, Daenerys has been the most annoying character ever. She believes that she deserves everything because she got the dragons out of their eggs (which she received from a random guy). She has done nothing to become the Queen but her sense of false entitlement is getting out of hand now. She can’t get her loyal followers in trouble everytime because “Me Mhysa! Me Queen!”

Very Tasty

4. Daenerys can only be a temporary ruler

She can’t have children and with no other legitimate Targaryen left, her becoming Queen (through a bloody conquest) is only going to lead to another Civil War as other factions try to take the throne. There’s no point in her success if there’s no one else to carry forward her legacy.

5. Daenerys has no knowledge about how the Houses in Westeros work

She will not know how to get along with the main families in Westeros. Most likely, she won’t, and when she gets her feelings hurt because they won’t automatically treat her like the best thing that ever happened to them, she will get pissed off, and most of the characters we like will suffer.


6. Daenerys never thinks about the ramifications of her decisions

Look at what she did in Astapor and Yunkai and now Meereen. She came in, disrupted the way the world there worked without once considering the deeper implications of her choices. She left Astapor in worse state than when she found it in and did nothing but create a slight shift in power in Meereen. Daenerys does not consider the ramifications of her decisions because she has not been challenged yet. Khaleesi is like a stupid teenager who starts fights because of her overconfidence over having three very powerful animals as her weapons.


7. Daenerys doesn’t like those who speak the truth

When she was having a conversation with Ser Barriston Selmy about her father, she wanted to know what he was like. When he told her the cold hard truth about him being insane and how it tends to run in their blood, she immediately stops listening to him and refuses to learn a lesson from this. She really is an immature brat who refuses to learn and listen to her “advisers” and this will be her downfall.


8. Daenerys is a really bad judge of characters

She decided to banish Jorah Mormont because he was a spy who had saved her life multiple times. Had Jorah not been at her side, Daenerys would have been dead by now. What does he get in return? A bitch-face from the Khaleesi. On the other hand, we have a hunk in the form of Daario Naharis. He always vanishes when there’s a threat but is always around when Khaleesi is in a particularly adventurous mood. He also got Khaleesi flowers and put his toned butt on display. Her bad judgement about people might prove deadly if she ever becomes the Queen of Westeros.


9. Daenerys doesn’t keep her promises

Daenerys’ notions of rulership leave her unchecked by any sort of balance to her power. She holds neither law nor her own word sacred. She decides to go back to an arrangement if it suits her but as a sovereign, this situation can be particularly dangerous. She is basically a very diluted version of Aerys right now. 


10. Daenerys has been extremely lucky and has never had to pay for her mistakes

Westeros and Essos have been very different in their approach to mistakes. On one hand, we have Ned Stark who was beheaded for one honorable mistake. At the same time, Daenerys gets the best out of every situation not by recovering from her mistakes. It’s like the writers of the show want everything to work out well in her favour. Littlefinger and Varys are going to eat her up once she’s in Westeros.


I would rather have Gendry ruling Westeros from his boat than have Daenerys sitting on the Iron Throne.