Darlings on Netflix have painted the reality of domestic violence in our society. From showing us the vulnerability of Badru in her marriage to revealing the deep-rooted patriarchal system, Darlings is a stark reminder of how women are more helpless in marriages.  

While some people on the internet are triggered by Darlings and stirring some conversations- I would say, babe, the roles just got reversed in the second half of the movie, and you already need a digene for it? Sach kadwa hota haina? So, you can still educate about violence against men without hating the other gender. Cool? 

Amidst all this, an interview of Arjun Reddy director Sandeep Reddy Vanga is doing rounds on the internet. All I can say is, how do you justify such problematic statements? 

According to him, hitting your partner or abusing them verbally is an act of love and expressing emotions. WTF?? That’s not gonna happen even in a multiverse dude.  

Twitiizens are pissed and calling out this utter garbage statement as they should. 

Like Badru said, “She will treat him exactly how he treated her”, so basically Hamza was fed with his own spoon. Darlings only and only showed the different pertinent layers of our society and it is on-point. 

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