Ladies, let’s face it, mature, sexy and confident women such as ourselves shouldn’t have to suffice with a mere boy. And by boy I mean, a ‘slicker-than-lube’, (I cringe as I type this) clean shaven man. For everyone who thinks that men with zero facial hair are ‘well-groomed’, well I hate to burst your bubble,(I actually love it) but they just aren’t. They’re probably just shaving off their identities to be in your good graces or because they are simply follically challenged.

Now here are 8 amazing reasons why dating a bearded man is probably the best idea you’ll ever have:

1. Bearded men are simply more patient.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is a beard. If the man has patience to grow a beard, keep him.

Source: ootd

2. Bearded men are more virile.

Well, now that’s a scientifically proven fact. The hormones that makes the man a dynamite between the sheets are also responsible for that epic mane that grows on his face.

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3. Bearded men are more family oriented.

Don’t believe us? Check out any episode of Sons of Anarchy . Better yet, check out Aaron Eckhart in Erin Brockovich . He was the perfect guy, wasn’t he?


4. Bearded men are extremely committed.

Any man who can commit to growing a beard is definitely a keeper.

Source: tumblr

5. Stroking a beard is therapeutic.

Well, if petting dogs, fluffy kittens and goats can have therapeutic benefits, the same is true for a beard. Not a scientifically validated fact but you can always find it out by yourself.


6. Bearded men are simply more caring.

Given the beard’s association with Greek Gods, father figures and and the general fact that

bearded men are more responsible, affectionate and caring, there’s no proof to the contrary!

Source: elitedaily

7. Bearded men are super chilled out and laid back.

Unless you’re looking for an uppity, uptight, easily flustered man; this is one super attractive quality. Bearded men are among the most relaxed and calm people you will find.

Source: accidentalbear

8. Bearded men are fun to snuggle with.

With a bearded man, a simple hug and kiss becomes a complete sensory experience. The

ticklishness, the sheer playfulness of the act! Oh and the fact that your man has a warm,

fuzzy sweater on his face means that you have another place to keep your hands warm. What fun!

Source: dpcted

So if you’re looking for a new man, don’t you think choosing a bearded guy is more sensible? Consider the perks.

Especially in ‘No Shave November, and if you’ve already snagged yourself a bearded Adonis, show him how much you care, by gifting him one of these awesome Beardo brand of beard oils and celebrate his awesome manliness together!