In 1995, Aditya Chopra gave birth to an iconic love story Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge that became a beacon of romance in the country. Now the craze for this Raj-Simran love story has surpassed the walls of Maratha Mandir and reached San Diego where it is resurrected as Come Fall In Love- The DDLJ Musical. 

Aditya Chopra will debut on Broadway with The DDLJ Musical. The lyrics for the musical will be written by Nell Benjamin, and it will be based on an original account by Chopra. Wanna know who plays who? We got you!

1. Austin Colby as Rog Mandel (Raj Malhotra)

The character in which Shah Rukh Khan breathed life will be whirled by Austin Colby. Raj, the epitome of a lover-boy, who made us fall in love with the idea of love, will now be resurrected as Rog Mandel by this British actor.

2. Shobha Narayan as Simran 

Simran, a character that was first brought to life by Kajol, will be spun by Shoba Narayan. She has appeared in Growing Up Smith, Quantico, Halal in the Family, Gossip Girl, Coin Heist, and Mistress America. This DDLJ-inspired piece is another feather in her cap. 

3. Irvine Iqbal as Baldev

When Simran’s bauji uttered jaa Simran jaa jee le apni zindagi, it crawled its way into history. His legendary role will now be played by Irvine Iqbal who is famed for his work in Infinite Justice (2006), Der Koch (2014), and The Bill (1984).

4. Rupal Pujara as Lajjo

Farida Jalal, who’s been a part of almost every 90s movie, cemented her place in our hearts as Lajjo in DDLJ. In this Broadway musical, we will see Rupal Pujara reviving Lajjo’s character. 

5. Vishal Vaidya as Ajit

Satish Shah who never failed to bring a smile to our faces with the characters played the endearing Ajit in DDLJ. In this musical, Vishal Vaidya will be seen bringing this character back to life.

Low-key thrilled to watch Punjab’s mustard fields in San Diego.