Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and Hum Aapke Hain Kaun…! are two iconic movies which have no expiry date in India, much like their stars and the famous SRK-Salman fan rivalry. Recently, a lot of hue and cry was made after Maratha Mandir had finally drawn curtains on it’s most loved movie DDLJ after a marathon run of 1009 weeks.

However later, the huge public outcry lead DDLJ to come back on its original morning slot of 11.30 at Maratha Mandir. As soon as the news broke out, SRK fans rejoiced! But where there are SRK fans, how can Salman Khan fans be far behind!

SRK fans made merry and took to Twitter to express their joy and voila! Within minutes #DDLJ Forever In Maratha Mandir started trending.

Some fans wanted to come down to Mumbai and celebrate King Khan’s birthday by catching the movie in the iconic theater.

For others it’s the evergreen charm of SRK that continues to enthrall the Indian audience till date.

Meanwhile, Salman khan fans sprung into action and came up with another hashtag claiming Hum Aapke Hain Kaun as the biggest blockbuster ever. Within no time #HAHK Biggest Blockbuster EVER also started trending on Twitter, with potshots being taken on SRK and DDLJ.

Some even got down to comparing Raj and Prem’s characters from the respective movies.

While others tried to define what a blockbuster actually is.

SRK fans won and trolled Salman fans and the HAHK hashtag by a fitting reply:

The war of hashtags might end, but the rivalry stays! Which side are you on – DDLJ or HAHK?