It’s finally happened, guys – Deadpool has made made his way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe at long last. And it’s come around in the most inexplicable, the most unexpected, the most Deadpool way possible.

Deadpool’s entry into the MCU is through a video of him and Korg (Taika Waititi’s character in Thor: Ragnarok) reacting to the trailer of Ryan Reynold’s movie Free Guy

Yeah, there’s just way too much to unpack in that sentence. The simple fact that its so meta is scrambling our minds.

The video works as a million things at once – hype for Free Guy, a sketch between two beloved characters we never thought would meet, and of course, as Deadpool’s entry into the MCU. 

Honestly, there’s no way to really explain what this video is. From Deadpool constantly dissing Disney to Korg reiterating that he’s made of rocks, the chaotic energy here is off the charts. Just watch it and enjoy.