Akshay Kumar is currently promoting his upcoming drama, BellBottom. During one of the promotional interviews, he shared with News18, that he considered his job to be more dangerous than any other: 

“My job is even more dangerous than any other job. I can’t shoot with my mask on in front of 10 people who are all delivering dialogues. Nobody is allowed to wear a mask…So we have to work. From spot boy to everyone else is wearing a mask. It is a dangerous thing but we have to do it. Everyone has to take risks.”

While acting can be difficult at times, perhaps the pressure of doing multiple films in a year made Kumar forget all the jobs far more dangerous than acting. Like these: 

1. Doctors, nurses, and healthcare staff

Doctors, nurses, and the entire healthcare staff, who stay for long hours in PPE kits without even bathroom breaks, are regularly dealing with patients who are Covid positive, and staying away from their families, are the real frontline warriors in this war against the pandemic. 

While battling rashes, dehydration, and mental and physical exhaustion, they still find it in themselves to offer a comforting shoulder to isolated patients and their loved ones. And yet, have been at the receiving end of threats and even physical assault

2. ASHA workers and Civic Healthcare workers

ASHA workers are the ones responsible for sensitizing and screening people for Covid-19, and ensuring vaccine reaches the most remote corners of India. Apart from all the other healthcare services they offer, they have also been crucial in convincing people to get vaccinated. Yet, they are not recognized as frontline warriors, and thus, not eligible for adequate compensation. They don’t receive proper protective equipment or decent pay. And above it all, they also have to face crowds who regularly disrespect and abuse them. 


3. ‘Real’ journalists

The journalists who dare to bring news that matters, who question superstitious and illogical trends, and who expose the rising wave of fascism dominating the country, are often at the receiving end of physical and verbal abuse, and even, long-term imprisonment. 


4. Crematorium workers

Crematorium workers are one of the most disadvantaged professions in India, despite the fact that they help perform the last rites for our loved ones. During the deadly second wave of Covid-19 in India, they were left cremating unclaimed bodies, as well as bodies of people whose loved ones could not perform the last rites. Even though the heat (from the fire) made it impossible to wear PPE kits, and they were not provided with adequate sanitizers or gloves, the workers continued with their jobs, offering dignity in death. 

India Today

5. Sanitation workers

It’s the job of sanitation workers to disinfect public spaces, and collect medical and non-medical waste and dispose of it. They work in dire conditions, are underpaid, don’t have the luxury of working from home, and are not always equipped with adequate protective gear. And yet, they continue to do their job.

Deccan Herald

6. Defense Forces

If you think wearing masks and social distancing is difficult, imagine doing it in brutal climates, while also protecting the nation. Then again, our soldiers don’t think of protecting the nation as just another job. 

7. NGOs

Indian citizens are indebted to NGOs like Khalsa Aid, Hemkunt Foundation, and others, which offered everything from free food to oxygen, at a time when India’s fledgling healthcare system was crumbling. And yet they had to deal with harassment. 

8. Comedians

While certainly not as dangerous as some of the other jobs listed here, India’s rising wave of intolerance has proved that it’s not easy being a comedian in India. From rape threats to imprisonment, jokes have serious repercussions in India. 

Acting is not without difficulties but even within the entertainment industry, there are jobs far more dangerous and difficult than being a superstar.