Life can be tough if your father is on the run from the law and it’s a matter of national interest. And by national interest, I also mean the millions watching it on TV, reading about it on the news, in magazines and hell, memes! It wasn’t any different for actor Siddharth Mallya, son of Vijay Mallya, who has just published his first book, If I’m Honest.

Ib Times

The book speaks about mental health, specifically about Siddharth’s mental health throughout the ordeal his father has had with the Indian government. Speaking to reporters, the actor said that he was heartbroken to first hear the news about the allegations against his father. 

I think that when you read anything on anyone you care about–a parent, friend, or sibling–and not even read about it, as humans, we don’t like to see people we care about, suffering. Whether he is being accused or not accused is inconsequential. The fact that you know someone is suffering, does hurt.

He also spoke about how the news about his father was a catalyst in deteriorating his mental health. 

Of course, it has, and there is a whole chapter on it in the book. As I said, everyone has an opinion, and there is no hiding from it. Everyone has problems in life and I am not saying we are anything special; it’s usually confined to the four walls of the house and a very private matter… 

He further added: 

But in a situation like this, it seems to be everyone’s business and that everyone feels that they are entitled to an opinion, which they are. But there is a level of due diligence that should go into making an opinion. In today’s world, where you can get your opinion across in the click of a button, that process of diligence seems to get lost a lot of times and we don’t perhaps think before we type. We

The nook, If I’m Honest will be launched on the 21st of October in India.