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The urban Indian lifestyle is picking up a faster pace every day, leaving us to deal with stress, erratic eating habits and not enough rest on a daily basis. Every single moment of the day, we encounter instances that tempt us – from binging on unhealthy eating options to missing an exercise, or making an impromptu plan. 

When confronted with temptations, the mind knows what is right for the body, but it can be tough for us to make the right choice.  

And, sometimes, we leave it to our desires to make decisions which makes it really hard to say no to the distractions this zaalim duniya throws at us. But, as hard as it might sound, seeking wellness is something we simply CANNOT ignore.  

Since I wasn’t able to accomplish it myself, I decided to go for advice from someone who seems to have struck that perfect balance. 

Deepika Padukone has been the epitome of perfection and here are some tips shared by her on how to stick to one’s fitness regimen and deal with the ZAALIM DUNIYA:

Be A Sport

Coming from a family of sportsmen, Deepika has had a keen interest in sports since a very young age and playing a sport is one of the most creative ways of pursuing fitness. It instils discipline and rigour in oneself that is helpful in achieving overall wellness. The best part about pursuing a sport is that it breaks through the monotony of gymming and makes sure you are having fun while being fit!

Smart Eating

Deepika has to travel extensively for shoots, promotions etc., which makes it difficult to stick to a diet regimen. In such circumstances, it is really important to stay hydrated and consume food that is well balanced and nutritious. 

Make Green Tea Your Go-To partner

It is important to maintain your wellbeing through a balanced lifestyle. We are always so busy with our work that we often do not give much attention to our body clock. Deepika drinks green tea and veggie juices but she also enjoys her desserts once in a while. She has made it a habit to drink Tetley green tea that helps her remain active throughout. Making minor lifestyle changes, like replacing your regular chai with antioxidant-rich green tea can go a long way in supporting your wellbeing!

Sleep Over It

Nothing can replace a good night’s rest. You might have an active lifestyle and might be a stickler for healthy food, but, it can’t be realised unless you get 6-8 hours of undisturbed rest daily. Quality rest helps us recover from our daily wear & tear, replenishes energy and helps us improve our mental capabilities.

Think Positive

You are how you think, isn’t it? All of us have to rally through a stressful lifestyle every day and it takes a toll on us. While we cannot be on vacation forever, we can always choose to look at the bright side of life and choose happiness and positivity.

Tetley green tea, which comes in various exciting flavours, helps you to stay active throughout. Good health is one of the biggest blessings of life. Even small changes go a long way in ensuring overall wellness and health; we just need continued focus and sustained effort. And, even if it gets hard to stick to a wellness routine, there are a lot of other ways to keep you right on track. It’s important to rest, relax, smile and take care of ourselves if we wish to follow our dreams! So, go on, get yourself a cup of that green tea!