According to an online poll released in London, actor Deepika Padukone has been awarded the title of the ‘Sexiest Woman of the Decade’ where as, Alia Bhatt has been voted the ‘Sexiest Asian Female of 2019.’

The list released by UK-based weekly Eastern Eye, mentions Alia Bhatt as she won many acting awards for starring in Gully Boy which is also India’s official 2020 Oscar entry. The 26-year-old actress said,

I’ve always believed that true beauty goes beyond what is seen and that is what really counts. We’ll grow older, our appearances will change, but a good heart will always keep you beautiful and that is really what we should focus on.

Alia Bhatt was chosen as the ‘Sexiest Asian Female’ as she is seen as a powerful symbol of girl power, who represents the image of an empowered modern-day woman.

On the other hand, Deepika Padukone grabbed the second position this year but she still managed to hold on to her crown for the decade. This is what she had to say on winning the title;

I am so grateful to all my fans who continue to vote for me every year. This one is for a decade of love, ups and downs, support and magic. I have never considered myself sexy, but I believe when you do you – that’s sexy.

Television actress Hina Khan has been ranked third in the list for 2019. The youngest actor to be mentioned on the list was newcomer Ananya Pandey who bagged the 36th position.

This list is based on online votes, media coverage, impact and heat generated across various social media platforms. 

Last week, Hrithik Roshan was named the Sexiest Asian Male for 2019.