She is bold. She is beautiful. She picked a fight against a hundred-year old publication, and won! Whether it's her personality or her acting, she has mesmerized us all. No one could have thought this athlete-turned-model-turned-actress would take Bollywood by storm!

Here are 20 photographs that show that Deepika deserves to be the royalty she is today!

1. The glow of success!

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2. Her style is her power.

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3. Running the B-town with that look.

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4. Keeping it simple!

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5. Sporting the power of pink.

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6. You cannot invade her space.

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7. Going geek!

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8. A brave get-up indeed.

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9. Subtle and sexy!

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10. A smile as loud as her personality!

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11. Pretty in pink.

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12. Simple is the new sexy.

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13. Bright in white!

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14. Stunning!

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15. Going casual.

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16. The queen in her palace.

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17. A touch of glamour.

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18. The Indian Mona Lisa?

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19. Desi queen of hearts.

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20. A warm smile from a hot person!

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Her pedestal of success is definitely hard to accomplish, but she stands carefree and confident!