I’m an old-school romantic who loves writing down their favorite section of a song because those specific lines hit harder than the rest of the track. I loved listening to heartwarming songs as a child because, let’s face it, there was something different about the romantic melodies from the 90s. And, one of them was Shava Shava.

I know, the song has nothing to do with romance but the lines ‘dekha tenu pehli pehli baar ve, hone laga dil bekaraar ve, rabba mainu ki ho gaya’ always took my breath away. The idea of protagonists falling in love with each other, in slow motion, in a dream sequence and forgetting the world around them, was what my dreams were made of then. Those lines left me full of love each time I heard it.


Today, a new version of the song has been released and my heart and eyes are brimming with nostalgia, love and warmth. Sameer Anjaan, the lyricist, has given a beautiful twist to the track while keeping the old-world charm of the song alive. 

The track will be featured in Dharma Productions’ upcoming rom-com sports drama, Mr. & Mrs. Mahi.


Not just me, but the entire internet is overflowing with joy and excitement with the release of ‘Dekha Tenu’ song and rightly so. Take a look. 


You can listen to the song here:

BRB, we are going to listen to the song on a loop!