One conclusion we derived from the sumptuous NMACC event was that Indian paps are effortlessly entertaining. They couldn’t care less about who’s who of the industry & their background voices behind the viral videos corroborate that. So, we’ve collated some instances where Indian paps did what they’re best at, comedy.

1. ‘Shakira hai kya? Kon hai bhai?’

The out of syllabus question none of us were prepared for.

2. Paps interviewing a random videshi, thinking he’s Sid-Kiara’s wedding guest

Because what would a random White man do in an airport during Sid-Kiara’s wedding days if not attend their functions?

3. Their recent ‘uncommon’ & funny banter with Jaya Bachchan

Actor-politician Jaya Bachchan has a volatile relationship with the Indian paps. She’s been seen calling them out at various junctures. On a rare occasion last month, she stopped and engaged in a funny banter with them. Naturally, it went viral.

4. ‘Makdi-Man, kya Spider-Man banega re tu?

Even with all the terrible Hindi dubs we’ve seen over the years, no one dared to literally translate Spider-Man, but desi paps.

5. Their random small talks with Indian celebrities

Sara ji topi bohot acha hai apka. New year kaisa tha?

6. Back in 2017, paps called Vin Diesel, ‘Aye takle’

7. When the paps told Babil Khan, ‘tumhare liye bhaag ke aaye‘, and he was like, ‘Jhoothe!

On a different note, just wanna appreciate Babil Khan for being so awesome.

8. ‘Tom, Tommiee, Aye Tomye, Tommmmmmmm!

Keeping my affection for Tom Holland aside, he was the butt of most random bickering from Indian paps this weekend.

9. The desi paparazzi urge to form rishtas right after celebrity weddings

As Rajkummar Rao and Patralekha returned from their wedding celebrations in 2021, paps crowded them, calling the actress ‘Bhabhi Ji‘. 

10. ‘Zaandya, look this mobile!

They came up with their own versions of Hollywood celebrity names.

11. When paps called Nick Jonas ‘Jija Ji’ for the first time

Before Nickwa and ‘Jija Ji sharma gaye‘, here’s a throwback to when paps called Nick Jonas their ‘Jija Ji‘ for the first time. At their wedding reception in 2018.

12. ‘Gigi didi, ikde ikde

At one point, somebody also advised that she’s ‘Jiji‘ and not Gigi, and we just don’t know what to say anymore.

We’re wondering what on earth do desi paps smoke before stepping out? How come they’re always so unhinged!