The zaayka of Indian cuisine never disappoints, whoever has been lucky enough to have it couldn’t help but smack their lips. 

BTS, a Korean Boy Band has a cult following in India, with the BTS army (fans) going crazy for them. BTS fans in India couldn’t keep calm when they saw a 2019 video of their favourite boy band eating Naan and Paneer

Take a look at this:

The clip was first shared in November 2019, when BTS members were in New Zealand filming a television series.

Members Jimin and Jungkook were seen in a short clip from behind-the-scenes of the show. As part of their meal, they are shown tasting a creamy gravy dish. While the trio were perplexed by the unusual ‘milky Tofu’ they were eating, Indian connoisseurs were quick to point out that the trio may have been trying Paneer.

 J-Hope, a member of BTS, was seen enjoying Naan and curry with his hands in another video. Take a look:

Indian fans were overjoyed to discover their favourite singers enjoying authentic Indian cuisine. The videos and images that appeared lately drew a flood of responses. 

Take a look at some of the finest responses:

Desi food and BTS, two favorites in one frame. How do you even expect the fans to keep their calm?