A recent episode of the reboot of the cult classic Sex And The CityAnd Just Like That is being called out by desis for quite a few reasons.

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Episode 6 of the series titled ‘Diwali’ hardly devotes any time to the festival or its celebration. 

Add to that the fact that Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) somehow doesn’t know what Diwali is, something that netizens cannot believe as she is a writer in her 50s and has lived in New York for decades.

If this wasn’t enough, there’s another thing about Carrie wearing a lehenga to a Diwali party hosted by her friend Seema and calling it a saree. For some strange reason, Seema and Carrie repeatedly refer to the lehenga (worn without a dupatta) as a saree. The two are also seen browsing through a ‘saree shop’ in Soho that’s only displaying lehengas.

Fans have found other problems in the episode. They believe that it tries to hint that South Asian parents only want their daughters to get married or have a boyfriend and do not care about their achievements at all.

In one of the scenes, Carrie self-invites herself to Seema’s Diwali party. When she meets Seema’s parents, they bombard her with questions about Seema’s boyfriend. Oh and did I tell you Seema invented a fake white boyfriend named Dennis just so that her parents will shut up about her single status.

The show hasn’t received much positive response ever since it released in December 2021 and now this inappropriate portrayal of Indian culture has further pissed off fans.

Have you watched it yet?