You know how sometimes people just manifest things by sending it out to the universe? No, you don’t. That doesn’t happen unless you’re Tom Holland…

Deccan Chronicle

Or Harnidh from Twitter. That’s right. A few days ago, she tweeted, asking people where she could find Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Cool’ necklace from the movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

It got about 85 retweets and a truckload of comments but nothing you could call viral. That said, Dharma Productions Twitter account spotted it and asked them to slide into their DMs and they would send some over. 

That was on the 20th of March. Cut to 23rd and they actually came through on the promise. 

So yeah, Harnidh here literally manifested that shit. And people are loving it. Oh, and also they started asking for the same necklaces. You’re people, BTW. 

Whatever you may think, this was incredibly sweet and you go Harnidh, you wear the shit out of it!