Dharmendra has fought a lot of evil in his movies and the evil has never been restricted to just humans. When Dharam Ji says “Kutte, main tera khoon pee jaunga“, he isn’t just addressing human being but the entire animal kingdom, including anything that can be created using VFX!

Here’s proof:


Turns out, after fighting off the tiger in Azaad,  Dharamendra came face to face with evil, yet again. In the movie Aatank, which finally released in 1996 after being under production for over a decade and a halfhis enemy was a ginormous shark!



Before we start obsessing over this latest find, which you should totally be indulging in over the weekend, let’s thank Sajid Khan for reminding us of this treasure from the past.

So, boys and girls, here’s the opening shot of Aatank and this is exactly why you should be watching it before you go for the Blake Lively starer, The Shallows, that released in India this weekend.

Firstly, don’t go looking for logic here. For logic doesn’t explain why we see a woman dancing/swimming/bathing in a pond that suddenly turns into a sea/ocean!

Long story short, this woman gets eaten by the shark. 

Let’s appreciate how real it looks. Real plastic, I mean!

Anyway, let’s move on to our hero’s entry. Now, that’s some pant-shitting level of fright on his face there!

Now, who wouldn’t be flipping their shit over a shark that’s this big! Wait, is it like a shark-tunnel? Or does this fish not like to chew it’s food at all! Whatsoever it maybe, Dharamendra has got to save the world soon.

By now, the shark has feasted upon 5-6 people, all of them who went into the water knowing there’s a killer shark, simply because YOLO and that FOMO > FOTS (Fear of the shark)! 

Also, here’s the typical shark entry, which has a horrifying background score capable of making your ears bleed. We’ve warned you!

Don’t give up yet! The grand finale is left, and so is brain hemorrhage, which’ll strike you after watching this!

Thank god for PETA not being as active in India back when the film released, for this one extends damage to animals and humans alike. 

Hey, but we know you’re still going to watch it, cuz FOMO, right?

You can watch all the action-packed shark attack scenes here.

GIF source: YouTube.